Holy Mandate

Just outside the Lonely Desert, on the edge of civilized lands stands a massive 200 ft., black cube known as The Brick. Glyphs and symbols adorn the brick, etched into its impossibly hardened sides in an ancient forgotten language. Some say the brick is the doorway between the living and the dead. Some say it is a gateway to another plane. Still others claim that the brick is the foundation for the entire world, and discovering its secrets will unlock the keys to the multiverse. 

Every night, as the sun falls below the horizon, the glyphs on The Brick blaze to life in a hundred different hues. The Brick can be seen for miles and is a dazzling display, that is, before it vomits forth it's horde of undead. A seemingly steady stream of zombies, skeletons, and worse exit The Brick and roam the night, venturing out only as far as it would take them to return by the time the sun makes its appearance in the morning. Even worse, at random intervals throughout the year, The Brick releases a violent, negative shock-wave that destroys anything in its path. Tress, animals, even rocks are destroyed by this wave. Those that fall, rise again as undead versions of their past self. 

Into this unique landscape clerics and holy orders of all types come to The Brick to train in destroying and controlling undead. The vast majority of the undead are lowly skeletons, zombies, and other common types, but every once in a while a truly intelligent undead will venture out and compel the undead waves to a specific task.

What secrets does The Brick hold? What treasure might be uncovered within its black sides? Gather your companions, grip your holy symbols, and bring light into true darkness as you come face to face with the mysteries of The Brick. 

Chapter 1: Safepoint Knights

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Chapter 2: A Clashing of Knights

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Chapter 3: Power Farming

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Chapter 4: Explosive Investigations

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Chapter 5: The Lake Ruse


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